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We take care of HORSES too! For references and more details, call us at 773 412 3331.

If you would like any of the alternative therapies below incorporated as a normal part of visits, just let us know.


A student of advaita vedanta, Bev has been practicing a form of meditation called TM for about 22 years now. It seems to automatically transmit its positive affects to animals. In humans it lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and achieves theta brain wave states, the deepest form of mental rest.

Animal Communication

As a new but talented practitioner to this art, Bev would be happy to practice with your pets and deliver any messages. Bev often receives health information in particular.

Massage & T-Touch

Muscle massage is excellent for active dogs, large breed or growing puppies, older or infirm animals. T-Touch is excellent at releasing both physical and mental tension. While debated as to how it works exactly, these small circular 2 fingered massages can almost send an animal to sleep with the relief it seems to bring.

Reiki - Energetic Healing

In Reiki, the practitioner holds the palms of the hands on or over the body to provide physical comfort and stress relief.