"...returning the favor"

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Insured, Bonded, PSA Member


Valerie B:

"Bev has a special communication with animals. Beanie respects her and LOVES being with her. I feel totally safe when I know Bev is with my baby."


Laura H:

"I've seen Bev working around all kinds of pets for some 14 years now. She is attuned, respectful, empathetic, knowledgeable and patient. I would confidently recommend Bev as highly trustworthy."

From Ariel Arwen, professional dogwalker:

"From the way that Bev handled the bees as we lunched on the grass, to the way my 2 Great Pyrenees and her interact, Bev navigates the animal / human relationship with a perceptive clarity infused with a gentle, quiet exhuberance, and loving responsiveness. Her regard for animals as sentient valuable beings -a gift of the planet- inspires me. "

Maria K:

When Bev comes to let my dog Pepe out (I'm home but its hard for me to get around any more), he is so unbelievably happy. He loves her so much. He follows her around wherever she goes, sleeps next to her, obeys her. When she leaves from having stayed on overnight visits, he really misses her."